Kyle is a husband and father of four boys who are very active in soccer. Kyle is seeking to become a Grade 6 Soccer Official in the state of Kentucky. To qualify for Grade 6 you must pass two different fitness tests consisting entirely of running. Kyle came to us with goals of passing those tests within the next year. As a former competitive powerlifter he also enjoys strength training and wanted that to be included into his program as well. Kyle's previous training history included very little conditioning and even less running. We developed a long term plan for Kyle to increase his conditioning level and slowly introducing running into his training, while also continuing to include strength training in his program.

Before working with Derek at Rockwood Athlete my training had been random with very little focus. As such my gains were minimal, if any. Once I began with Derek, he and I discussed what my goals were and then he structured a training program specific to what I wanted to achieve. I’ve had more gains, and have gotten closer to my goals, in the two months of working with him than I had in the previous five years on my own. At 41, I had just assumed that my days of strength and mobility gains were behind me. Working with Derek, I now know that myth is wrong.
— Kyle Brice