Shanna is a competitive functional fitness athlete who came to us because she wanted a more structure program that addresses her specific weaknesses. After her initial assessment period we determined that the things that were holding her back in her sport were her maximal strength in all barbell movements, upper body pressing and pulling strength, as well as gymnastics skill and capacity. We developed a program addressed each of these weaknesses in a progressive fashion, each step building on the prior step. Shanna has seen dramatic improvements in her gymnastics capacity. When she came to us she could only perform 5 kipping butterfly pull-ups, now she has a max rep set of 20. Her maximal strength also continues to improve. Shanna has the desire to be the best and we have high hopes for her in the future. 

Since I have been training with Derek, I have seen a multitude of positive results with my training. I came to him right around the CrossFit open time, after suffering yet another shoulder injury. It was then when I knew that I needed a more structured strength program if I wanted to compete more seriously. Derek had a background in Powerlifting which was exactly what I needed. He was extremely thorough and very responsive to any concern I had. Although he wasn’t with me in person, he was still able to provide me with great feedback though videos and constant communication. Over the summer, I have seen significant improvement in my upper body strength and have remained injury free! Being a coach myself, I knew the value in finding my own coach, my own motivator, and he has definitely continues to provide great service day after day. Thank you Derek, I completely appreciate everything you do and I am looking forward to conquering new goals!
— Shanna Sparkman