Steve is a competitive powerlifter who came to us after having to take some time off from training due to a job change and moving across Oklahoma. Steve's goals were to get in better shape without losing focus from his main goal of increasing his total for powerlifting. After Steve's initial assessment we determined that in order for him to be able to train with enough volume and intensity to increase his total he would first have to build up his work capacity after being forced to take time off from training. To prepare Steve for more intense future training we developed a plan to slowly build up his work capacity by progressively increasing his volume and intensity.

I’m 44 years old and have been lifting seriously since 2011. I’ve competed in quite a few powerlifting meets, my best total being 1334 @ 188 lbs. Like many others, I have trained alone either at a gym or in my garage. For athletes like us, an online coach is a good option but has it’s difficulties without some of the benefits of in-person coaching. However, Derek at Rockwood Athlete has overcome these obstacles, he has really surprised me with a level of responsiveness and detail that surpasses any online coach I have ever had. Derek has truly mastered this process. He has helped me to build my work capacity back up, and his guidance could not have been more timely, as I became detrained after a few months of time away from training due to life circumstances. Derek listens to me. He learned my specific goals and training experience, then custom-tailored a program for me. He pays great attention to detail and uses state-of-the-art software that makes it easy for me to follow his programming and communicate back to him in real time. Of all the choices out there, Derek is the choice, offering the broadest range of programming, whether you are a beginning or advanced competitor.

Bottom line....Derek gets results.
— Steve King