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At Rockwood Athlete we are very passionate about strength, fitness and helping others achieve their goals. We provide online coaching to help people reach their strength and fitness goals faster. To learn more about online coaching, click here. We help people from all walks of life including competitive powerlifters, functional fitness athletes, busy moms, business professionals, and many more. Contact us below and let us know what problems you are facing with your training, we are here to help you figure them out. 

Our Coaches


Derek Binford is the Founder and Head Coach of Rockwood Athlete. He fell in love with strength and conditioning while training to improve his performance for high school basketball. He continued to train throughout college and Derek has now spent over 10 years competing and training others in strength sports such as Powerlifting, Strongman, and CrossFit. He is also a published strength and fitness author for T-Nation. When Derek is not training, coaching others, or writting he enjoy's spending as much time as possible with his wife Kristin, son Cole, and dog Molly.

Certifications: CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
Best Equipped Lifts in Powerlifting: 633 Squat, 463 Bench Press, 602.5 Deadlift at 181 Pounds
Best Raw Lifts in Powerlifting: 451 Squat, 314 Bench Press, 534 Deadlift at 181 Pounds
Other Notable Performances: 235lb Snatch, 300lb Clean and Jerk, 315 Squat Clean

Coach Binford hitting a 50" standing box jump. 

Coach Binford completing a Raw Mock Meet in training with a 445 Squat, 310 Bench, and 525 Deadlift. 


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